Jude Simpson – Poet. Wordsmith. Writer. Performer.


I’m back – or I’m still here – I’m not sure which.

Poet. Wordsmith. Writer. Performer. Also, mother, home-maker, neighbour, wife, music-maker, dancer and currently also puppy-trainer.

Some of the things I’m doing…

I’m blessed to be Poet in Residence for my local branch of Homestart, the charity that works for families in crisis. I blog with them here. And we are due to publish a collection of thank you poems later this year.

See below for “Thank Me by Thinking Twice” – a poem written during the first lockdown, and voiced by health workers. I’ve also written an alternative version of Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You,” a lament about homeschooling and a celebration of my favourite epidemiology professor – all on the blog, and on my Youtube channel.

I’m working on various other ideas and projects as and when children and lockdowns allow… And regularly turning things out for friends, occasions or just myself and practice.

It’s good to have you here… x

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We may not be clapping our keyworkers on Thursday evenings any more, but there are plenty of ways – perhaps more important ways – to keep saying thank you. I wrote this poem because it was on my heart, and found it touched a chord with doctors, nurses and other healthworkers , who helped me voice it. May 2020.

“She’s got words on a string like so many yoyos, and her lines sparkle with wit and panache”
The Scotsman

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