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Like most writers / creators / human beings, my confidence can go from sky high to furrow-low and back again a good number of times in a day. The smallest things can make a difference to how secure I feel about myself as a professional Creative. So it’s warmed my cockles this week to find two unexpected mentions of myself in surprising places. The first is this mention in my friend Glenn Myers’ new book, “The Sandwich”:

Glenn had sent me the manuscript of his book. I’d had a read, enjoyed it, described my enjoyment to him, made some comments and a couple of suggestions, and that was it. A small contribution, but evidently useful. I felt like a Proper Writer seeing my name here!

Secondly, I discovered a cover version of my song, “My Spleen Can’t Do the Hoovering” by someone completely unknown to me performing for friends at a houseparty talent show. Don’t know if he won, but you can hear the song on Youtube below. There’s a slight false start, and he doesn’t quite manage to get all the words in the third verse, but I was both amused and chuffed – and grateful that he credited me too. xx

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