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Here’s a piece I wrote for Christmas 2021. It went down really well at the “Comedians and Carols” gigs I did with Paul Kerensa, and I had loads of requests for it in a shareable format. I enjoyed writing and performing this piece, though it took a while to get right. It has funny bits and silly bits and poignant bits, and is, in some ways, a bit of a risk…

When you read about angels in the Bible, they are intimidating, masculine, large, fiery and pretty terrifying. On Christmas cards, however, they’re more likely to be cute, chubby and sparkly with endearingly curly hair. I wonder what angels make of this? Are they too holy to be offended? Or are they a little bit hacked off about their misrepresentation on Planet Earth? This is an imagined monologue, by an angel who is trying to explain why cultural representation of angelic beings so often misses the mark…


    • Hi Michael, the Angel poem is not yet published anywhere, but I’m fully intending to bring out a new collection next year, in time for Christmas. Please join my mailing list for the newest news on publications, gigs, etc. etc. Thanks so much for your interest – you’re not the only one who has enquired about this poem, so it’s definitely on my list to publish soon. x

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