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My Review of Paul Bell’s brilliant boook

My friend the singer, songwriter and musician Paul Bell is also a super-funny guy, and has recently brought out this book, “buffet strategies” – named after one of his typically geeky-comical songs. I reviewed it on Amazon and wanted to post my review here, and encourage you to buy it – and/or to go see Paul live when you can… Buy the book here: https://store.paulbellmusic.com/

“Buffet Strategies” is absolutely packed with a phenomenal amount of brilliant material from a gifted writer, musician and performer. Divided into three parts, the first consists of the lyrics to Paul’s more comedy-oriented songs, and lip-bitingly funny anecdotes centring on stupid things Paul has done in the process of writing or performing them. I loved the story of how he met his wife and tempted her away from her then-boyfriend with a song about Custard Creams. And, of course, dancing in front of the window cleaner with insufficient clothing on… All the stories are told with that self-deprecating comedic awkwardness which fans will know so well, and they are crammed with chuckles and smiles. Part two gives us over 50 pages of hilarious jokes and puns that any stand-up comedian would be proud of (“if anyone wants an easy game of hide and seek, you know where I am…)” Part three of the book, humbly entitled “a few more songs,” includes the lyrics to some of Paul’s most beautiful and thought-provoking songs. Whether it’s the romantic realism of “Love is in our Hands,” or the heartfelt compassion of “While We Sleep Tonight,” these are beautifully crafted songs worth singing. I discovered Paul at a gig we both performed at many years ago, and we’ve remained friends both professionally and personally ever since. He did gift me a copy of this book, and I am mentioned on page 13 (!!), but this review is my own, and Paul did not ask me to write it. His book is an absolute pleasure to read from start to finish.

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