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Pre-order my new book “Shambolic Mammal” now!

My new book “Shambolic Mammal” launches on 15th April. It’s a small, hardback, illustrated collection of a few of my most popular poems, with bonus material – including some ‘never-before-seen footage’: lines I loved writing but which never made it into the final cut. 

Pre-order here now!!

I’m so pleased with the format – it’s designed to be held, treasured and appreciated for its gorgeous illustrations, as well as its words. I’m grateful to my lovely illustrators; Julie Shaw, Katy Brown, Christine Lafon and Lydia Brown. I think you’ll love their fab drawings and contrasting styles as much as I do! I’m also grateful to all at Malcolm Down Publishing for being enthusiastic about a new, creative way to put my words on pages.

SPECIAL DEAL!! if you pre-order the book through my website now, you can get
FREE POSTAGE AND PACKING as well as a FREE PACK OF FOUR POSTCARDS with each order, showing some of my favourite illustrations from the book. Be sure to let me know if you want the books signed (and who for) by using the “Order Notes” box at checkout.

The books cost £10 each except that if you order a bundle of two or more copies, the second and subsequent copies are £8 each. I think it makes a gorgeous gift, so why not have a think about any word-loving, book-appreciating friends who might also like a copy??!

Pre-order through my online shop!! 

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