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Shambolic Mammal gets some love…

Thanks to everyone who has bought my new poetry book “Shambolic Mammal.” I’m so pleased with the level of support and sales, and it looks like you’re enjoying it!

This from Twitter:

Ever since I saw @judesimpson at @greenbelt in 2008 (maybe?!), I’ve had a ridiculous collection of words in my brain about a baby who is a mango. Now, finally, I can read all the words in the right order, rather than the order my memory tries to put them in.

and from some happy readers:

Just wanted to say we love the book ! I enjoyed a quite cup of tea in the sunshine today feasting on your amazing poetry ,it certainly lifts the spirits ! It was a joy to read.

I thoroughly enjoyed all four poems, especially the last one – I had to re-read it after I read your afterword on it, and claimed most of it for myself as a Church Auntie

Please do mention the book on Twitter and instagram using #shambolicmammal. If you want to review the book, you can do so on Goodreads here.

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